Add a Quaint Touch to Your Home With Some Decorative Plates

An attractively designed home interior is the product of a host of factors. The furniture and flooring must be chosen to give it the ideal blend of fashion and flow. The interior colors and wall hangings set the overall tone and décor style. But the picture isn’t complete without some strategically-placed home accents.

One of the most popular categories of accents is decorative plates. These can be placed in stands on end tables or mantles, or hung directly on walls or large furniture pieces. Either way, decorative plates add just the right touch of flair and beauty to bring life to any room.

Here are some decorative plates which can add a quaint touch to your home:

Primitive Painted Wood Circle of Love Family Plate

There’s no better way to show your guests what you truly value in life. This charming, “down-home” country-style beige plate with a dark brown border features a folk art design of a farmer and his wife holding hands while standing underneath a tree. A red heart sits on the bottom edge of the plate, while the phrase, “A Family is a Circle of Love” is spelled out across the top.

Primitive “Give us this day our daily bread” Plate

The center of this hand-painted plate prominently displays the popular entreaty from the Lord’s Prayer in black lettering. A yellow star sits at each of the “quarter hour” positions, and they are connected by green branches with red berries. The off-white plate is finished to look weathered and well-used to give it its laid-back country feel.

Dashing Through the Snow Winter Scene Plate

This item can be a lovely part of your wintertime décor – even after the holidays have passed! It features a nighttime winter landscape with a dark, starry sky and a white, snowy hill. Two people in a small horse-drawn sleigh are arriving at a tiny, welcoming church set in front of tall, snow-covered pine trees.

Primitive Wood Quilt Star Plate

This handsome keepsake is part of the Hearthside Collection and was created by designer Kathy Graybill. Available in several colors, this heavy wooden plate is hand painted with a folk quilt star in the middle. The antiquing of the plate gives it an aged look, making it perfect for display on a fireplace mantle.

Primitive Pineapple Painted Wood Plate

This versatile decorative plate represents the perfect combination of country warmth and tropical island color! A full pineapple is hand-painted over a dark background in the center of this plate. The outside is finished in earth tones with flowing flowery vines around the border.

Primitive Americana Sheep Plate

You can proudly exhibit your patriotic pride while showcasing artistry at the same time. In the center of this mini plate, a fluffy white “Americana” sheep stands on green grass in front of red and white stripes. The border is hand-painted in blue and dotted with eight golden stars.

Primitive Schoolhouse Plate

This mini plate is ideal for the home of a current or retired teacher or educator. The border of this white plate is adorned with an apple on each side, “ABC” at the top, and “123” at the bottom. A quaint log cabin-style schoolhouse topped by a golden bell is flanked by two trees in a grassy field.

The “Grow Old with Me” Plate

Another member of the Hearthside Collection, this plate displays a hand-painted design from Donna White. The item’s title phrase is scripted in black lettering across the top, while “the Best is yet to Be” completes the sentiment on the bottom. A gold-colored heart on a background sits in the center of this hand-painted plate with a purposely aged look.

Primitive Saltbox House Plate

This is the decoration of choice for the homeowner who wants a terra cotta-colored plate in a rustic décor setting. The mini plate’s center features a white saltbox house with a black roof standing tall between two trees in a grassy field. The border is adorned with gold colored detailing with a matching star on each side and a red heart at the top and bottom.

Small Primitive Rooster Plate

This item skillfully combines a country home theme with a retro style look. The white plate prominently highlights a green, gold and fiery red rooster in its center; while the outer border is dotted with a “crow’s feet” pattern. It’s the quintessential decorative plate for everyday display.

Primitive “FAITH,” “HOPE,” or “LOVE” Mini Wooden Plate

You can choose the mini plate that best suits your worldview – or you can buy the entire set! Each eggshell-colored plate has one of the three words in black lettering set in its center. The border is embellished with green leafy vines and red berries, while a beige border surrounds the edge of the plate.

Decorative plates are an easy and inexpensive way to tweak the look of a living area, kitchen, bedroom or any other location in your house. And with so many choices to pick from, you’re sure to find some that reflect your values, tastes and style preferences.

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